Manufacturing Management module for Perfex CRM


Note: This is a module for Perfex CRM and need to integrate with the INVENTORY MANAGEMENT MODULE (from version 1.2.5) to manage inventory of raw materials & products and the PURCHASE MANAGEMENT MODULE. Not a standalone script.

Brief description

Manufacturing Management Module gives you the control you need over all aspects of production planning and materials management so that you can focus each day on increasing profits. Our flexible manufacturing management solution supports the entire spectrum of manufacturing styles, from high volume to engineer‐to‐order, and coordinates orders, equipment, facilities, inventory, and work-in-progress to minimize costs and maximize on-time delivery. The solution includes powerful shop floor functionality to track and manage each manufacturing process step.

Manufacturing Management for Perfex CRM

Manufacturing Management for Perfex CRM

Manufacturing Management for Perfex CRM

Manufacturing Management for Perfex CRM


Module Features

  1. Dashboard: Manufacturing Orders Overview, Work Orders Overview, Work Centers Overview,…
  2. Product Management : Inheriting from the items of Perfex CRM, this feature adds many other extended attributes such as SKU, cost, product type, product category, images, sale price, barcode, product variant, unit of measure, purchase unit of measure, taxes, vendor taxes operations, logistics, OEE, lost, load, performance,…
  3. Product Variants Management
  4. Print Barcode Labels
  5. Barcode Scanning
  6. Bills of Materials (BOM) Management
  7. Components Management
  8. Routings Management
  9. Operations Management
  10. Work Centers Management
  11. Manufacturing Orders Management
  12. Work Orders Management
  13. Settings:
    • Working Hours Management
    • Units of Measure Categories Management
    • Unit of Measure Management
    • General Settings: BOM, Rounting, Manufacturing Order,…
  14. Integration:


Manufacturing Management Module Demo


Included documentation will help you upload and activate the module inside Perfex CRM, if you are not aware on how to do it.


Our support team is always around to help. Feel free to raise a support ticket.
Guys from support department will get back to you as soon as possible with a reply, guiding you through any issues.


Version 1.0.0 / 2022-04-13

    Initial version

Version 1.0.1 / 2022-05-21

    Upgrade features: manufacturing order, work order, routing.

Version 1.0.2 / 2022-05-25

    Fix minor bugs.

Version 1.0.3 / 2022-06-29

    [Updated] Create purchase requisition from manufacturing order.

Version 1.0.4 / 2024-06-04

    BOM: Show more product codes before the product name
    MO: Show more product codes before the product name
    MO: Update Cost hour for a manufacturing order
    MO: check available quantity before marking it as Planned
    MO: After Mark as Done Mo => Purchase price of product = Total Material Cost + Total Labour Cost
    Costing-related Manufacturing order
    Total Material Cost + Total employee working cost + Total work center cost.
    Total employee working cost = Cost/Hour * Working time each work center
    Total work center cost = cost per hour on each work center * Working time each work center
    BOM: fix a component search bug on the management screen, allowing mass delete the Component
    Fix bug-related new template
    Fix bug when run on PHP 8.1
    Fix bugs on Dashboard, menu icon

Version 1.0.5 / 2024-06-04

    Fix Some minor errors
    Product: Fix product when creating a new Product mark it as "can be manufactured" 
    MO: Allow add an extra material after a finished manufacture
    MO: Bom Change Logs: records related changes to material quantities when a Work Order is executed
    Work Order: Allow Task creation function in the Work order
    Delete manufacturing order -> delete work order reference
    Allowed to change the actual quantity produced.
    Upgrade source code to be compatible with PHP 8.1.
    Upgrade features to be compatible with the latest version of Perfex CRM.

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