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PHP CSV Editor

Introducing the PHP CSV Editor, a developer’s indispensable companion for effortlessly managing and fine-tuning those troublesome CSV files. This remarkable tool is a game-changer, and here’s why:

1. Streamlined Editing: The PHP CSV Editor simplifies the process of editing CSV files, making it as intuitive as possible. With its user-friendly interface (incl. Pagination, Sortable Columns, use of Date Picker, Select Boxes, Checkboxes), developers can effortlessly update, add, or delete rows, making data manipulation feel like magic. CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) You can create, read, update, and delete data records seamlessly, streamlining your data management workflow.

2. Multi-Format Support: This editor goes beyond conventional CSV formats, offering support for various CSV dialects (CSV, DSV, TSV, PSV, etc.). It ensures seamless compatibility with data from diverse sources. Moreover, it caters to multiple line endings, including CRLF and LF, enhancing its versatility.

3. Data Validation: Data integrity concerns are a thing of the past with the PHP CSV Editor. It diligently checks for data consistency and helps developers pinpoint errors quickly. It’s akin to having an eagle-eyed assistant guiding you through the process.

4. Real-time Previews: Developers enjoy the luxury of real-time previews as they make changes. This instant feedback mechanism allows for on-the-fly error correction, ultimately saving a significant amount of time.

5. Powerful Search: Extracting specific data from massive CSV files is a breeze with the editor’s advanced filtering capabilities. It’s akin to having a dedicated search and rescue team for your data, ensuring you find what you need swiftly.

6. Undo and Redo: Mistakes are bound to happen, but with the undo and redo functions (Revisions and Roll-Back Function), developers can effortlessly backtrack and correct errors. It serves as a lifeline for data editing, ensuring that errors are easily rectified.

7. Efficient Export: Once your CSV file is polished and perfected, the PHP CSV Editor enables you to export it in various formats, such as CSV, RYR, XML, JSON, HTML, and more. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for data conversion at your disposal.

8. Darkmode Theme: Understanding that developers spend considerable time in front of their screens, the editor offers both light and dark mode themes. This ensures comfortable work, regardless of whether it’s day or night.

9. Cross-Platform Compatibility: The PHP CSV Editor works seamlessly on Windows, macOS, and Linux, making sure you can edit your data on your preferred platform without any hiccups.

10. Modern Features: The PHP CSV Editor boasts modern functionalities, including Dark Mode for comfortable long-hour usage, responsiveness for various screen sizes, and integration with Bootstrap and jQuery for enhanced flexibility and functionality.

11. Easy Installation and Integration: It’s super easy to install and seamlessly integrate the PHP CSV Editor with your existing projects. Whether you’re working with PHP, web applications, or other development environments, this tool easily fits into your workflow.

12. Detailed Documentation: To ensure a smooth onboarding process, the PHP CSV Editor comes with comprehensive documentation. This resource provides detailed instructions and examples, making it easier for developers to harness the editor’s full potential.

In a world where data reigns supreme, the PHP CSV Editor stands tall as the ultimate solution. It’s a versatile, developer-friendly tool that simplifies data editing tasks, ensuring that you work with efficiency and precision. Say goodbye to the struggles of managing unruly CSV files and embrace the ease of the PHP CSV Editor. Your data will thank you for it!


  • 1. Set Admin Username and Password in config
  • 2. Copy all Files to Server
  • 3. Login and you are ready to start!


PHP 4 or > is all you need


This plugin does not make any use of any special function, so it will work in nearly every server environment. In case of any problems with specific hostings let us know immediately!


If you run into problems please give me not a bad rate, please take a look at the documentation of the script. If this is not helpful contact my support, i will do everything so that my product deserves a 5 star rating!

Thank you very much.


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Do you want to customize my script as you want? Just purchase the Extended License and shoot me a message from my profile page to let me know how you’re using it. Thanks!


Please take a look at my other scripts:


Roadmap Version 7.9.7 (2023)

    IMP - Not every Customer that writes 20 times the same comment and gives us a bad rate can blackmail us for a free feature, but the user MAURICEFORD is a lucky guy and can now switch off our copyright hint in the software - maybe he now write bill gates SPAM for removing mircosoft link from windows :-*

Version 7.9.6 (2022)

    IMP - Translations (/lang/)
    IMP - On Add or Edit return to List if Key is not set (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Remove UTF8 Bom (config.php)
    IMP - Sort files alphabetically in file-select-box (config.php)
    FIX - User with no Delete-Permission can Delete in Search (lib-CSV.php)

Version 7.5.5 (2022)

    ADD - Support for PHP 8
    ADD - Search only a special Column (search.php, lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Search reg_ex like (/lang/, lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Table fixed header in View, Edit & Search (lib-CSV.php, custom.css, config.php)
    ADD - Table header stickiness in Export (d3.php)
    FIX - Delete-Funtion Bug on SearchPage if Language is not en (lib-CSV.php, config.php)
    FIX - Missing global var in Export Modul (export.php)
    FIX - Typo from Germany Translation, update to 2.2 (/lang/de.php)
    FIX - Bug in Multi-Edit-Mode if allowToEditTheKey = true (lib-CSV.php)
    FIX - Bug if Add New Record in Edit-Mode and allowToEditTheKey = true (lib-CSV.php)

Version v7.1 (2022)

    FIX - File-Menu now only shown if user have Upload-Rights (lib-CSV.php)

Version v7 (2022)

    ADD - Parameter to allow to Edit the Key or not (lib-CSV.php & config.php)
    ADD - Export with Script (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Placeholder in Input-Tag for original Value (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Once closed by Click Update & Hint Box stays hidden for 30 Days (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - If BS Select Language File dosn't exist set English as Default (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - CSS Class "Back to List" Button (lib-CSV.php)
    FIX - ISO Language Settings for Boostrap Select (alle Files in /lang/)
    FIX - Language Typo "Duplicate" (alle Files in /lang/)

Version v6 (2022)

    ADD - Administrate all Settings from the Backend (lib-CSV.php & settings.php)
    ADD - Show Images and Links in a Lightbox (lib-CSV.php & config.php)
    ADD - System now also in French Français (/lang/)
    ADD - System now also in Spanish Español (/lang/)
    ADD - System now also in Italian Italiano (/lang/)
    ADD - System now also in Russian Русский (/lang/)
    ADD - System now also in Polish Polskie (/lang/)
    IMP - Revision System (lib-CSV.php)

Version v5 (2022)

    ADD - Add var for CDN e.g. jQuery (config.php, export.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Use unescaped unicode & slashes for JSON export (config.php & export.php)
    ADD - HTML Export CSS can be easly changed (export.php & export.css)
    ADD - on SSL Show/Hide Password (index.php, signin.js/css, config.php & /lang/)
    ADD - Collumns name mail or email are now Mailto-Links (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Duplicate, rename and delete files (user.csv, verify1.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Multiple character encodings supported eg. UTF-8 (all Files)
    ADD - Allow "Date" as the key column (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Checkbox function (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - PHP Date Format in RevisionSystem & Datepicker (lib-CSV.php & revision.php)
    ADD - Dark-Mode (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Datepicker function (config.php, lib-CSV.php & all Language Files)
    ADD - New Record ID Suggestion (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Select All/None for Allowed Fileslist in Multi User Management (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Use Delete Button on Searchpage (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Hint now on List and Edit page (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Update the PDF Generator for the Export Function (export.php & /lib/pdf)
    IMP - Cache css and js only if there are no changes (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Use Decimal Separator on Revision File Size (config.php & /lang/)
    IMP - iframe.php use now also fullscreen parameter (iframe.php)
    IMP - First Letter of Username Lowercase on Mobile (index.php)
    IMP - Auto reload page after upload so new file will be shown directly (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Improve the security of the Multi User Management (.htaccess)
    IMP - Sort function now have also an option for sorting by date (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - User Management now also Work if there is no File allowed (lib-CSV.php)
    FIX - Don't use "New Record ID Suggestion Function" on User (lib-CSV.php)
    FIX - Keyfield now also readonly in single-edit mode (lib-CSV.php)
    FIX - i18n Support for Revision-Management (revision.php & /lang/)
    FIX - Small Bug in Search that "sometimes" find not matching Records (lib-CSV.php)

Version 4.1 (2021)

    ADD - Allow "All Files" in User Management (user.csv, verify1.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Select All/None for MultiSelect Input (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Select Box with i18n Support (lib-CSV.php & all Language Files)
    ADD - Extra Parameter to hide special Fields in Search (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Setting Action Buttons to the left or to the right in Search (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Small CSS Improvment for Info Box on Mobile (lib-CSV.php)
    FIX - Small Bugfixes for hide special Fields in List View (lib-CSV.php)
    FIX - Some small Multi User Management Bugfixes

Version 4.0 (2020)

    ADD - Multi User Management
    ADD - Revision Management
    ADD - PDF Export
    ADD - HTML Export
    ADD - Parameter for setting Action Buttons to the left or to the right in List Mode
    ADD - Use Columne Info Tooltip Option in List Mode
    IMP - Set max. Filesize for Upload  to INI value max. Filesize
    IMP - Translations for Upload Function
    IMP - New Favicon by
    IMP - Tooltip for Keyfield in Edit Mode
    FIX - Bug in Export Function

Version 3.2 (2019)

    ADD - If value in column is numeric show value right-justified
    ADD - If "FileName_INFO_Column Name.extention" in Datafolder exists show Tooltip
    ADD - Edit Button in Searchresult Page
    ADD - Hide special Fields in Edit-View
    ADD - set maximum line number for one-page edit-view
    ADD - Optionally hide Edit Link in Main-Menu
    ADD - Optionally hide Export Link in Main-Menu
    ADD - Optionally hide special Fields in Single-Edit-View
    ADD - Sort List by Columns in Single-Edit-Mode (if deleteDirect = true)
    ADD - Allow Underscores in Column-Names (changes in lib-CSV.lib)
    ADD - Mark row with color on click (changes in custom.css & lib-CSV.lib)
    FIX - CSV Data Export
    FIX - Save Files in csvPath Directory

Version 2.1 (06.2018)

    ADD - Optionally: Add some text under the navigation? (lib-CSV.php & config.php)
    ADD - Show Filename in Headline (lib-CSV.php)
    FIX - Workaround so Upload work also with Firefox and IE (lib-CSV.php)

Version 2.0 (05.2017)

    ADD - Single-Edit-Mode: Delete, Edit & Add (config.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - CSV File Upload Feature (config.php, lib-CSV.php, .css & .js)
    ADD - Ask before Unload if Changes were made (lib-CSV.php & custom.js)
    ADD - Throw Error in Edit-Mode if Key-Field is not defined (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Excel and Wikipedia CSV Support (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Sort by a Special Column. Default should be 'id'! (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Underline Sort Column in Edit-Mode (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Local CDN Fallback, so it work without Internet (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Fix Mobile Responsiv Menue (lib-CSV.php & custom.css)
    IMP - Better view for Tables with long line Records (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Now the Script is PHP 7.0 compatible (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Some Code Refactoring (lib-CSV.php)

Version 1.10 (01.2016)

    ADD - i18n Support language inkl. de & en Translation (config.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Data shortenAfter n Characters in List (config.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Confirm Delete or Delete direct TRUE/FALSE (config.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Show Page fullscreen TRUE/FALSE (config.php, lib-CSV.php & custom.css)
    ADD - Line Endings e.g. '#' (config.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Sort Iframe Table TRUE/FALSE (config.php & iframe.php)
    ADD - Show Number Of Lines TRUE/FALSE (config.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Startpage 'list'/'edit' after login (config.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Extention 'txt'/'php' for Edit Select-Box (config.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - iFrame 'Password' checked if set (config.php & iframe.php)
    ADD - Readonly Fields can be used (config.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Show Hint TRUE/FALSE in Edit-Mode (config.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Export CSV as CSV (export.php & lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - If Select-Box Field is readonly then show Input-Field (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - If Key-Field is Numeric then align it right (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Simple XSS-Protection (search.php & lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Fixed the Button-Positions in Edit-Mode in a more logical way (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Show Keyword on Searchpage (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Improve CSS of Select-Box (custom.css)
    IMP - Small Code Improvements (lib-CSV.php)

Version 1.9 (11.2015)

    ADD - Extention for Select-Option File now can be Set TXT or PHP (lib-CSV.php)
    IMP - Improve SESSION Management on Prog. Change (lib-CSV.php)
    ADD - Darken Page on Search-Focus (custom.css, custom.js & lib-CSV.php)
    FIX - Linecounter in Select-Box now do not count Headline (lib-CSV.php)

Version 1.8 (11.2015)

    ADD - Export CSV File as JSON in Browser or as Download
    FIX - Input Fields are as Big as Content in Edit Modus for better Responsive

Version 1.7 (11.2015)

    ADD - Export CSV File as Text or XML in Browser or as Download

Version 1.6 (11.2015)

    ADD - You can use Select-Boxes in Edit Modus
    IMP - Improve SESSION management on File- & Loginmanagement
    FIX - Table is now Responsive in Edit Modus

Version 1.5 (11.2015)

    IMP - Improve SESSION management (logout)
    FIX - Code Improvement

Version 1.4 (10.2015)

    ADD - Allow spaces in column names
    IMP - Improve Mobile Edit Modus
    ADD - IE-Support (not voluntarily)
    IMP - Code Improvement

Version 1.3 (10.2015)

    ADD - Numeric values flush right in edit data grid
    ADD - Demo Modus is saver now

Version 1.2 (10.2015)

    ADD - Scan for all .CSV in a Special Folder

Version 1.1 (10.2015)

    IMP - Small Code Improvements

Version 1.0 (10.2015)

    NEW - Release of this Script on CodeCanyon

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