Perfex CRM Dark Theme


NOTE: This is not a standalone theme, the theme module requires Perfex CRM application installed, this is a theme module for Perfex CRM minimum 3.0.0 version.


Flat elegant dark theme for Perfex CRM redesigns the ADMIN AND CUSTOMERS AREA and improves customer experience by adding simple dark smooth and flat professional look for better user interface.


All customers wants to check/preview the theme Perfex CRM Dark Theme before purchasing, there is demo available online demo can be found here, feel free to give it a try hope you like it.

Demo credentials:

- Username: [email protected]
- Username: [email protected]
- Username: [email protected]
- Password: 123123

- Username: [email protected]
- Username: [email protected]
- Password: 123123

iDev Elite Author Perfex CRM

Documentation / Installation:

There is no coding needed at all.
Installation takes only 10-20 seconds and you are ready to use the new Perfex CRM DarkTheme. Documentation is included inside the zip file downloaded from Envato.

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Change log

Change log – Version 1.1.8 updated 20.11.2021

  • Various: Minor CSS fixes and theme improvements, compatibility issue fixed

Change log – Version 1.1.7 updated 07.04.2021

  • Updated: Compatibility with Perfex CRM latest versions
  • Updated: Compatibility with Appointly
  • Various: CSS Improvements, Minor bug fixes, improved UI/UX

Change log – Version 1.1.6 updated 02.08.2021

  • Fixed: Search dropdown transparent color
  • Fixed: Sticky header in invoice view as client and hover color on table
  • Various: CSS/JS fixes and improvements

Change log – Version 1.1.5 updated 09.24.2020

  • Added: CSS compatibility for all modules by i-Dev
  • Added: JS and CSS fixes and improvements
  • Improved: Various CSS improvements

Change log – Version 1.1.4 updated 18.06.2019

  • Updated new Gantt support
  • Fixes: RTL CSS fixes.
  • Various CSS fixes and theme improvements

Change log – Version 1.1.3 updated 27.10.2019

  • Fixes: RTL adjusted to work with the theme admin/client and global modal CSS fixes.

Change log – Version 1.1.2 updated 20.09.2019

  • Improved: CSS improvements and fixes.

Change log – Version 1.1.1 updated 31.08.2019

  • Improved: Minor CSS improvements and fixes.

Change log – Version 1.1.0 updated 24.08.2019

  • New: Added option to enable / disable customers area theme support.
  • Improved: Various CSS small fixes.

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