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Note: This is an add-on for Droppy – Online file sharing, you can purchase Droppy over here

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Premium subscription for Droppy

Enhance your Droppy file sharing platform with the Premium Subscription Add-On for Droppy. This extension allows you to offer your users an upgraded experience with exclusive benefits and advanced functionality. Take your file sharing service to the next level and unlock a range of exciting possibilities for your users.


  1. Payment Gateway Integration:
    Seamlessly integrate PayPal or Stripe as your payment gateway, enabling flexible payment options for your users.

  2. Offline payment support:
    Charge your users using a “offline” payment method by providing them with custom payment instructions after registering.

  3. Customizable Subscription Plans:
    Create and personalize multiple subscription plans to cater to different user needs, with full control over pricing, billing cycles, and plan durations.

  4. Expanded Upload Limits:
    Provide premium subscribers with the ability to upload larger files effortlessly, allowing them to share extensive data with ease.

  5. Extended File Storage:
    Grant premium subscribers longer storage periods for their uploaded files, ensuring their important data remains accessible for an extended duration.

  6. Ad-Free Experience:
    Disable advertisements for premium subscribers, delivering a clean and uninterrupted file sharing environment.

  7. Password-Protected Uploads:
    Empower premium users to secure their uploads with passwords, ensuring only intended recipients can access the shared files.

  8. Personalized Backgrounds:
    Allow users to customize their upload and download pages with their preferred backgrounds, adding a touch of personalization to their file sharing experience.

  9. Multi-User Support:
    Enable multiple users to enjoy premium features under a single subscription, ideal for organizations or families managing multiple accounts.

  10. Customizable Email Notifications:
    Tailor email notifications sent to premium subscribers, delivering branded and personalized messages for effective communication.

  11. Subscription Management:
    Provide users with an intuitive control panel to manage their subscription status, allowing easy cancellation or re-subscription.

  12. Subscription Validation and Security:
    Implement checks to ensure the integrity of subscriptions, safeguarding against cancellation or reverse payments.

  13. Coupon Codes:
    Create and distribute coupon codes to attract new users and encourage discounted premium subscriptions.

  14. Full Translatability:
    Translate the premium subscription add-on to cater to the language preferences of your users, expanding your reach to a global audience.

  15. Sandbox Option:
    Test and fine-tune your premium subscription setup with a sandbox option, allowing safe experimentation before going live.

  16. Easy Installation and Support:
    Experience a hassle-free installation process and rely on our dedicated support team for prompt assistance.

  17. Free Updates:
    Enjoy regular updates to the premium subscription add-on, ensuring your platform remains up to date with the latest improvements and enhancements.

Upgrade your Droppy file sharing platform today with the Premium Subscription Add-On, and offer your users an enhanced file sharing experience. Provide exclusive features, increased storage capabilities, and additional customization options, all while monetizing your platform effectively.


V2.1.9 (5 May, 2024)
- NOTE: This update requires Droppy 2.6.0 or later
- Added offline as payment option, including new email template for offline payment instructions
- Added multi-language support to email templates by moving the templates over to the Droppy email template system
- Added upload share type as plan option
- Added upload self-destruct as plan option

V2.1.8 (30 October, 2023)
- Added option to set plan inactive
- Fixed issue with Stripe not updating the plan details properly
- Fixed issue with Stripe not always setting the start/end date properly
- Fixed rounding issue when voucher was applied.
- Fixed issue that caused subscription not to be loaded when active
- Updated Italian translation.

V2.1.7 (4 September, 2023)
- Fixed users page crash on some MySQL servers
- Fixed price per period showing incorrect when more than 1 month and less than 1 year
- Fixed decimal price issue
- Improved security in authentication
- Updated Stripe SDK to latest version

V2.1.6 (14 March, 2023)
- Added support for custom backgrounds
- Fixed limit issue on the amount of upload expire time options
- Fixed incorrect display of expire time when set to unlimited
- Fixed display issue for uploads that never expired
- Fixed issue that caused deleted uploads to show in sub-user uploads list
- Fixed dubble confirm delete popup

V2.1.5 (23 August, 2022)
- Fixed issue where 12 month plan wasn't shown as Yearly plan
- Fixed display issue when more than 3 plans are available
- Made subscription status value translatable

V2.1.4 (24 July, 2022)
- Added new maximum storage option to plans (You can now set a maximum amount of active upload storage that is allowed per account)

V2.1.3 (14 July, 2022)
- Fixed issue with subscription creation form in the admin panel
- Fixed issue that caused free plans to not work properly
- Fixed issue where paypal logo was shown when Stripe was selected as payment method
- Added extra notice to sub-user creation form
- Added plan ID to subscription list
- Added some extra checks to the admin panel when setting up plans and the payment gateway

V2.1.2 (5 May, 2022)
- Added option for multiple premium packages
- Redesigned registration page and made it available on the home page
- Fixed issue that caused a subscription to be cancelled too soon
- Fixed issue that caused all sub-users their emails to change when the parent account changed their email
- Fixed issue that caused total download of user not to show properly in the admin panel
- Fixed issue that made it impossible to cancel a stripe subscription using the admin panel
- Fixed incorrect currency shown on voucher page in the admin panel
- Fixed some database installation issues
- Dropped support for old Droppy themes (default, grey and oldtimer)

V2.1.1 (2 October, 2021)
- Added option for multiple expiration times
- Fixed issue where reset password form wouldn't work
- Fixed issue where subscriptions were not cancelled after their expiration time

V2.1.0 (31 August, 2021)
- Styling changes for new admin panel

V2.0.10 (24 August, 2021)
- Sub users now share uploads with each other
- New uploads will automatically be added to uploads list without refresh
- Added extra info text to sub-users tab

V2.0.9 (6 August, 2021)
- (Modern theme only) Added extra field for VAT number (optional)
- (Modern theme only) Added extra fields for customer address info (optional)
- (Modern theme only) Added new Sub-users feature to add extra users to 1 subscription (optional)

- Quick fix

- Support for new modern theme
- Premium users can now delete their own uploads using the upload overview

V2.0.6 (18 July, 2021)
- Quick fix for update issue

V2.0.5 (18 July, 2021)
- Added stripe as payment gateway
- General bug fixes

V2.0.4 (21 June, 2021)
- Improved code quality
- Fixed some small bugs
- Fixed issue with email not sending

V2.0.3 (29 April, 2019)
- Added site name to the bottom text
- Fixed issues with voucher code
- Fixed an issue when voucher list is empty

V 2.0.1 (17 March, 2019)
+ Support for Droppy V2 (Plugin has been rewritten from scratch)

V 1.1.1 (10 March, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue where Premium pages weren’t loaded on mobile.

V 1.1.0 (25 February, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue where registration form wasn't responsive
* Fixed: Logout button will now be hidden when the user isn't logged in
* Fixed: Path to cron job on the system page.
* Added: Support for Droppy V 1.4.0

V 1.0.7 (22 Nov, 2016)
* Added: You can now create an user with subscription through the admin panel.
* Added: Voucher/Coupon feature.
* Improved: Some coding structure.
* Fixed: Issue where it wasn’t possible to install the premium plugin in another language than English.

V 1.0.6 (15 July, 2016)
* Added: New placeholder {amount} to subscription email.
* Added: Email will now be validated to check if it is really an email address.
* Fixed: Issue where uploads weren’t accessible from the My Uploads section.
* Fixed: Issue where the My Account tab was blank when user status is “validating”.

V 1.0.5 (19 December, 2015)
* Fixed: Issue where logo on Paypal page was not showing correctly.

V 1.0.4 (16 December, 2015)
* Fixed: Works with the latest version of Droppy.

V 1.0.3 (13 December, 2015)
* Added: Forgot password feature.
* Fixed: Issue that favicon was not showing.
* Fixed: Issue with plugin version was not correctly updated.
* Fixed: Issue when status was canceled_end.
* Fixed: Issue where advertisements where still showing (When turned off).
* Fixed: Issue with “Password function enabled” feature.
* Fixed: Issue where currency was not applied to the checkout.

V 1.0.2 (19 November, 2015)
* Added: Some improvements for HTTPS connections.
* Added: The tabs “My account, Go premium and logout” to the translation file.
* Added: The tab “My uploads”.
* Fixed: Issue where currency was not getting saved.

V 1.0.1 (09 November, 2015)
* Fixed: An issue where the plugin was not redirecting to Paypal.
* Fixed: An issue where the delete user button was not working.

V 1.0.0 (06 November, 2015)
- Initial release

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