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Swipgle is an easy online file transfer solution that can be used to share large files by email or by generating links, with many options to protect files. you can send files anytime and anywhere just by creating an account or without an account, and the script is SAAS with pricing plans that you can set from the admin panel so you can start earning money from your customer’s subscriptions.

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  • New design : New design compatible with all screens.
  • Pricing plans : Sell monthly and yearly subscriptions.
  • Chunk upload : Upload large files easily even with medium server bandwidth.
  • Storage : Manage your storage easily, by using a third party (Amazon, Wasabi, Digitalocean spaces) to store files and avoid storing files directly in your server.
  • Multi Language system : Translate your website easily to +99 different language.
  • Blog system : Write and publish your articles to improve your website SEO.
  • Support Tickets : Help your users to solve their problems with the advanced ticket system.
  • Email Verifications : Prevent fake registrations using the email verification feature.
  • Email notifications & User notifications : User will receive emails and dashboard notifications about subscriptions, tickets, transfers and more…
  • 2Fa authentication : Users can set 2Fa authentication to protect their accounts.
  • Advanced Admin interface : Now as admin you will be able to control your website easily with our new admin panel.
  • Navigations : Create a navigation menu for every language.
  • Pages : Create website pages for every language.
  • SEO Configurations : Create SEO configuration for every language.


  • Server Requirements
    • PHP 8.2x
    • Operating System : Linux or Windows
    • Shared, VPS or Dedicated Server
    • MySql: 5.7+
  • Required Upgrades
    • Enabling of allow_url_fopen
    • Increasing of max_execution_time
    • Increasing of max_input_time
    • Increasing of post_max_size
    • Increasing of memory_limit
    • Increasing of upload_max_filesize
  • PHP Extensions
    • BCMath
    • Ctype
    • Fileinfo
    • JSON
    • Mbstring
    • OpenSSL
    • PDO
    • pdo_mysql
    • Tokenizer
    • XML
    • cURL
    • Zip
    • GD

What’s Included

  • Script Files : All script files open source.
  • Documentation: How to install on cpanel, with full use instructions.

Note! We are not required to provide the installation instructions for each server there is 1000+ server provider over the internet

Demo and documentation

  • Frontend
  • Admin access details
  • Documentation
  • News And Updates

    Swipgle - Easy File Transfer (SAAS) - 11


    Version 2.5

    [FIX] Adding new language error
    [FIX] Installing script in localhost problem
    [FIX] Stripe error and Paypal currency problem
    [FIX] Slideshow and navbar problem
    [UPDATE] Checkout and upload functions

    Version 2.4

    [FIX] Installation Error
    [UPDATE] Upload functions

    Version 2.3

    [NEW] PHP 8.1x Supported
    [NEW] Laravel upgrade to the last version 
    [NEW] Homepage design changed
    [NEW] Download page design changed
    [UPDATE] Upload functions changed
    [UPDATE] Admin panel functions updated

    Version 2.2

    [FIX] Delete pricing plans error
    [FIX] Social image error

    Version 2.1

    [NEW] Lifetime subscriptions / plans
    [NEW] Coupons / Promo Codes
    [NEW] Advertisements 
    [NEW] Slide Show And Background Video
    [UPDATE] User Transfer Files Download
    [FIX] Language Translates Error
    [FIX] Mail Templates Translates Error
    [FIX] Arrange The Home Page Sections
    [FIX] Mail Sending Error
    [FIX] Admin Captcha Error
    [FIX] Admin Panel Charts

    Version 2.0

    [NEW] A completely new and improved version

    Version 1.2

    [NEW] email verification
    [NEW] Ability to set Max file size
    [UPDATE] Transactions error fixed
    [NEW] Single language file for translate

    Version 1.1

    [NEW] Stripe payment gateway
    [NEW] More currencies

    Version 1.0

    - Initial Release

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