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SEO Studio is a curated collection of 22 search engine optimization and
marketing tools that deliver high quality information with zero operational costs. Most of the tools are also local-first, giving you an immediate advantage over the competition.


Website & Tools
The script comes with a complete public-facing website where tools can
be accessed, users can register and login, etc. This website can be
heavily customized.

Admin Panel
The script comes with a full administration panel which can be used to
customize the script, manage users, and install updates in a single


Free to operate
The script works immediately after installation with no further
configuration required. All of the tools are completely free to
operate and don’t rely on any premium or paid third party

Easy to install
The installation process is extremely simple – just upload a
single install.php file to the desired location on your server
and open it in your browser. Your new website will be up and
running in minutes.

Local-first tools
The script’s tools are all local-first (where applicable), allowing you
to specify a target country when analyzing search ranks, keywords, and
other data. This data is far more accurate than competing tools which do
not accept a target country.

The script can be translated to any language, including
right-to-left languages, and supports multiple languages
at the same time. Plus, save time with the new auto
translate feature, which can translate most of the text
in seconds.

User management
Allow users to register their own accounts and save their
domain names for quick reuse across all of the tools.
You can also restrict tools to registered users, or you
can disable registration completely if you’d like.

Customizable branding
It’s easier than ever to match the website to your brand.
You can customize the logo, favicon, and color scheme
easily from the admin panel. You can also choose from four
different variants of tool icons from the included
SEO & Internet Marketing
icon set.

Customizable pages
You can easily add custom content to all built-in pages
from the admin panel, allowing you to attract organic
search traffic. You can also fully manage the tools page.

Customizable tools
You can add custom content to the tools, such as tailored
instructions or other relevant information. You can also
hide or rename tools, customize their meta tags, and even
change their icons.

Automatic updates
Web marketing tools break over time. The script comes with
optional automatic updates that ensure they’ll continue
working long into the future. You will never need to install
an update manually again.

Advertising support
If you have an approved account with an advertising vendor,
you can easily place advertising banners throughout the
script from the admin panel. You can optionally hide ads
for certain groups of users.

Note: The out-of-box experience for this script does not meet the criteria for AdSense approval. Please don’t purchase unless you are already approved for AdSense or are familiar with the criteria.

Tool embedding
You can easily generate code snippets to embed specific
tools onto other websites. This makes it possible to embed
the tools on platforms like WordPress.

Admin analytics
The admin dashboard shows simple usage analytics for the
last week, so you can keep track of how your website is

Tool usage monitoring
The admin panel conveniently allows you to track which
tools are being used. You can see who is using the tools,
what their website is, and any other inputs entered into
the tool.

Email support
The script can send new user verification and password
reset emails. You can configure the script to use PHP’s
default mail settings, MailGun, SendGrid, or SMTP. You
can also customize the
email templates.



How does this compare to similar scripts?

Most similar scripts combine a large number of common webmaster tools with a smaller number of search engine optimization (SEO) tools. This might work for generating organic traffic and advertising, but you’ll have to compete with tens of thousands of those same exact tools available on the internet for free.

SEO Studio instead offers a small collection of tools that are focused exclusively on search engine optimization. It prioritizes quality over quantity. These tools are attractive and useful for those interested in serious search optimization, and tools of comparable quality can be difficult or even impossible to find on the internet for free.

These tools are an excellent offering for your customers and visitors interested in marketing and search optimization. You can also use them to generate organic traffic, generate leads, or even use them privately for your own websites.

Usage with WordPress

This is a standalone PHP script, meaning it cannot be installed into WordPress like a plugin. However, you can install this script separately (such as in a subdirectory on your WordPress website) and then use the tool embedding feature to place individual tools onto your WordPress pages – just like shortcodes!

Feel free to try it out using the live demo. When placed on your website, the live demo’s tools will have a link pointing back to this page, but that link will disappear when you use your own installation. You’ll also be able to customize the color scheme of the tools to match your website.

If you intend to do this, please make sure you’re using a shared hosting plan that allows you to upload custom PHP files and create new MySQL databases, usually with cPanel. Some WordPress-only hosting plans won’t allow you to do these things. For example, this won’t work for websites hosted by

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Data sources

This script is a web scraper, which means it obtains its data from other websites, often by disguising itself as a regular user of those websites. Here are the current sources:

  • Google – web search
  • Bing – web search
  • SpyFu – traffic & keyword research
  • Surfer SEO – keyword research
  • WebMeUp – backlinks
  • Pingdom – speed tests

You do not need to register or pay for any of the above services. The tools work immediately after installation. If these data sources ever go offline, I will always endeavor to find a replacement, and have proudly maintained this commitment since 2016.

The script also communicates with my own server for automatic updates, automatic error reporting, and anonymous usage statistics. You can easily disable each of these from the installer or admin panel, and your tools will still work if my server goes offline.

Premium data sources (optional)

For those who seek increased data quality and/or reliability, I have recently begun adding premium data sources to the script. These are completely optional. Here are the current premium sources:

When a premium source is enabled, the relevant tools will immediately begin using their data where applicable. If the data source runs out of credits or quota, or if your subscription expires, the tools will automatically fall back to using the script’s free, built-in data source instead. The script can email you when balances get low.

Server requirements

  • PHP 5.6 or newer
  • PHP mysqli and curl extensions
  • MySQL 5.5+

The following PHP extensions are strongly recommended, but are not required:

  • php_xml – up to 16x performance boost for the SERP tools
  • php_mbstring – significantly faster multilingual support
  • php_intl – ensures proper tokenization (word splitting) for all languages

Note: This script also works in subdirectories and subdomains. Rarely, the .htaccess file from the parent website can interfere with the script in these situations. If you encounter any issues like this, feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to assist.


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